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"my salsa makes all the pretty girls wanna dance and take off their underpants, my salsa..." - SaRaH [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"my salsa makes all the pretty girls wanna dance and take off their underpants, my salsa..." [Mar. 22nd, 2004|04:37 pm]
[mood |sillysilly]
[music |Cassidy]

Spring Break is officially over :( Blah!

Well St Patty's Day was a hit as usual. It snowed but nothing a little liquor didn't take care of. We mixed our drinks and headed to nyc to the festivities. I'm not sure that I took as many pictures as usual. I drank a little more than I should have and felt nauseous for a couple hours(hot dogs?). It was all worth it though. HaHa.

Random Memories
*begging the bouncer of Lace to let us see naked ladies
*Jen and the nice asian man on the train
*bum on the train: "Erin Go Braugh!"
*Mary taking good care of Sarah during her time of need
*Jen's jag
*Uncle John once again
*stealing the ladies candle at St Patrick's cathedral
*Did you make a donation?
*i just wanted to pee in the church
*hot dog pieces
*jen, we definitely ate pizza in the city
*we forgot to go to the porn shop

Love St Patty's Day! Love BK rice balls! Love Sister and Mary and Andrea! Can't wait til next year.

Also this past week, I finally got to see Mystic River. Really good movie.

On Saturday, I went shopping in the city with Ate', Aimee, and Jenn. I bought two shirts. We couldn't freakin hail a cab to canal street so we went home soon after. For dinner we went to Red Robin. The food was really good. We must hit up that place again some time. Then later on that nite, we went to Riverstreet ofcourse. We did a lil pregaming then headed out. It was an ok nite, I had a fun time but we've definitely seen better nites there. The von dutch was a hit once again. I don't get it. It's just a hat, but it does wonders. HaHaHa. Love Von Dutch! I need to get another one so I can switch up the colors every now and then.

Mary was suppose to come to Riverstreet with us but she hurt herself and couldn't attend. :( I was saddened. I was looking forward to partying with the mary. Well I heard a rumor that this Friday is the opening of my favorite club ever: Sandbar in Jersey city. Hopefully Mary will come along this time. I can't wait, I love that place.

I'm actually typing this at work right now so looks like I'm back to the real world. Tomorrow is back to school. BLAH! I wanna be on spring break forever. If only...